CASE EXAM QUESTIONS: 1. Choose four of Porter’s five forces (e.g., threat
CASE EXAM QUESTIONS: 1. Choose four of Porter’s five forces (e.g., threat
CASE EXAM QUESTIONS: 1. Choose four of Porter’s five forces (e.g., threat of new entrant, rivalry and buyer power). Identify key characteristics of the online food delivery industry utilizing 4 of Porter’s five-forces framework to assess the industry attractiveness. Hint you can use US from the case and supplementary information or links below to support points made where appropriate (12%). Hint: you can use Doordash as a proxy where necessary or no other industry data is provided in the case or sources referred to in the appendix, as well. 2. Identify two opportunities and/or threat(s) does Doordash face and how has it responded to those opportunities and threats in the US, Global, and/or in general (4%)? 3a. Considering Porter’s generic business strategies, what business strategy has Doordash used in the industry (explain your rationale behind choice) (3%)? 3b. Identify three of Doordash ’s strength(s) and/or weakness(es) (use Porter’s value chain to analyze strengths and weaknesses) (e.g., three strengths, three weaknesses, or 1 weakness and 2 strengths, or 1 strength and 2 weaknesses etc..) (9%)? 4. Considering Porter’s value chain and drawing upon the Sustainable Competitive Advantage criteria (aka Resource Based View criteria), what is one of Doordash’s core competencies that may potentially provide competitive advantage (4%)? 5. Doordash is expanding globally. Please recommend or describe what you believe Doordash’s strategy is or should be with regards to an international corporate strategy and explain (3%). 6. Based on your analysis of Doordash’s current operations, including the firm’s current financial situation, what growth priority in their current corporate strategy would you recommend? Please explain in detail and why. Please also identify one potential risk associated with your recommendation (4%)?

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