In this paper you will interview a person of your choice and ask them to reflect
In this paper you will interview a person of your choice and ask them to reflect
In this paper you will interview a person of your choice and ask them to reflect upon places that are meaningful to them. The goal is to understand their personal relationship with the environment. As part of the assignment, you will consider how past experiences in places shape their life today and their environmental concerns. You will explore their spatial experiences in relation to issues of culture, identity, and place attachment. Please see Environmental Memories as an example. Format: · Pages: 4 pages + Bibliography + Visual Please provide 4 pages of writing, Sized 12 font, double spaced, and cite according to APA format. Please provide an additional visual (Either a photograph, video, artwork, or other form of medium). · Your paper should focus on the following questions: o Who is your interviewee and what is/are the space or spaces they chose? o How does your interviewee interact with that space? o Why did your interviewee choose the specific space/spaces to talk about with you? o How did the space influence the interviewee? o How does the interviewee reconstruct the space in their memory? o Think about our readings and classwork: § How does your interview relate to identity and space (Think about our classes on Who Builds the Built Environment)? § How does your interview relate to place attachment? § How does your interview relate to affordances? · Be sure to have one section on each of the following: Identity, Place Attachment, and Affordances. · Make sure to use ONE READING from our syllabus to help you answer your questions. You must refer to the reading in your paper, as well as provide the full citation at the end of your paper in a separate bibliography (not included in your 4 pages of written text). · Please explore and reflect on your interviewee’s experiences and the work we’ve done in class (place attachment, identity and space, affordances). Don’t just type up the transcript of the interview! Who? You can interview anyone of your choosing! You may choose a friend, family member, co-worker, stranger, etc. For example, students in the past have written about: a mother’s first apartment in a new country, a friend’s childhood treehouse, a co-worker’s art studio, a classmate’s garden. Examples of kinds of questions to ask your interviewee: · What is a place that was meaningful to you in childhood? · What is a place that has influenced you and made you who you are today? · What is a place that is special to you? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PlPlease simply meet those needs up above and edit the paper and good transition between the paragraphs and just have a good conclusion. Also, i added the link for biblipography but idk if its correct please do the biliography in APA format for me and correct the intext format to APA for me please thank you so much in advance. GO OFF ON IT

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