CCJ/SOC 4320 Writing Assignment Apply 2 sociological or criminological perspecti

CCJ/SOC 4320 Writing Assignment
Apply 2 sociological or criminological perspectives to a crime topic from the list below.
Examine a type of crime or crime issue (see the list below). Provided detailed background, history, and at least two different perspectives.
Critically read and write about this crime category. Great detail should be included such as previous cases, examples, discussions, etc. I want you to tell me ALL about the crime category you are choosing then APPLY 2 sociological/criminological theories and explain how those theories would each apply to the crime category.
Provide a detailed overview of each criminological or sociological perspective.
Crime Topic List (Choose One):
Aggravated Assault
Sex Offenses
Writing Standards Proper English is required for all assignments. Correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling are also mandatory. Use of the APA style for this assignment is required.
Spelling, grammar, and word choice are all indicators of quality writing. Please use proper citation and attribution of source material in all written assignments. You must also give proper credit to sources used in your work. Be sure to use proper APA format for citing any source in the text of your writing and include a reference section at the end of your posting. No charts, graphs, block quotes, or images of any kind. This is PAPER assignment. Writing ONLY!
Basic Requirements:
9-10 full pages of writing (10 pages maximum) (no large charts, graphs, photographs and LONG quotes) — 9 full pages of writing minimum.
Reference Page, Minimum 4 outside references + Your textbook may be a fifth reference
12 font, time news roman or other legible font, standard margins
Double spaced (do not add extra spaces ANYWHERE in your paper to try to lengthen it)
Try to have fun with this assignment. You have PLENTY OF TIME to work on it. You may just surprise yourself with how well you do.
Did I mention a minimum of 9 full pages of writing? The cover page and reference page DO NOT COUNT TOWARD THE 9 PAGES.
Questions about this assignment are to be posted in the Course Announcement.
If I did NOT give you a specific instruction on something, then you have my permission to make decisions about your project. The rules set forth in this document are very rigid. You are much more likely to lose points from not following the rules than you are for the content of your paper.
I WILL BE VIGOROUSLY GRADING THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE USE CAUTION. The rest of the HW/TESTS have been open note/open book. This is a direct reflection of your ability to put the material to work.
Assignment is worth 40 points. That is nearly 15% of your overall grade.
-10 per page that your assignment is short (9 FULL PAGES OF WRITING, PLUS 1 COVER PAGE & 1 REFERENCE PAGE)
-4 Extra spacing, charts, graphs, widening margins or any other means of artificially lengthening your paper.
-5 for excessive spelling/grammar errors.
-3 Failure to follow other instructions listed in this document.
-3 Long quotes, block quotations, etc.
-5 Missing cover page or reference page
* I reserve the right to deduct additional points for situations that are not listed above and all above deductions should be considered as a possible deduction “up to” the number listed.
I really enjoy reading your papers. There is very little that you can do in the content area for which I will deduct points. This will only happen if there is something completely amiss in your analysis and overall work product.
I post comments after I have finished your grade. This will be a brief notation of why points were deducted, but due to time limitations I will not fully mark up every paper. Instead, I read the paper, make notes and then deduct/add accordingly.

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