GRANT WORKSHEET: Agency: Amount being requested for the grant: Title of Propos
GRANT WORKSHEET: Agency: Amount being requested for the grant: Title of Propos
GRANT WORKSHEET: Agency: Amount being requested for the grant: Title of Proposal: Opening paragraph for appeal for the agency: Brief Summary (abstract) of the Proposal: Briefly provide a summary of the proposal that includes a description of the specific client population that will be served by the proposal and a short summary of the proposal request (300 words or less). Include the amount of money being requested in the grant. Response should be single spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, 12-point type (Times New Roman). Describe the problem/issue that this grant will address. Discuss why this is the issue is important to address. List appropriate demographics around the problem/issue. Why should the grant funders give to this agency? What is the experience of the agency with grants, and this type of intervention? (Specificity helps.) Description of your proposal: Who will be involved? What? Where? When? How? (Be sure to include the process once the grant is funded – the implementation plan). There should have enough detail here that a reader gets a clear picture of your grant idea. Overarching goals for this grant idea: Measurable Outputs: What the agency will provide and how much? This needs to be measurable. (Ex. 30 individuals will participate. OR 5 hours of …. Offered monthly) Measurable Outcomes: How this will change lives and what would success look like? This should be measurable. (ex. 85% of clients will …..) How will you gather information for outputs and outcomes? Budget: What is the amount of money the grant will provide for this? What will the grant pay for? How much will the agency provide for this? Be sure to have a specific amount. What will the agency cover? How will volunteers be involved in this? What will be the worth of their time? (Use $22.00 an hour) What is the worth of any in-kind donations that will be used? Budget for the grant: Break down the money from the grant in these categories. Salary: Benefits (Fringes) – use 20% for full time folks. (No need to include if part time) Materials: Equipment: Office Supplies/Printing/Copying: Mailing/Postage: Transportation/Travel: Overhead Expenses (rent, utilities) Other (please list what): Total:

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