Subject : Please see my annotated Bibliography Subject. How Diet is link to Dia

Subject :
Please see my annotated Bibliography Subject.
How Diet is link to Diabetes within African American population. Many current interventions for type 2 diabetes focus on biological and behavioral factors of African America while missing “food security” which affects their diet. The lack of access to healthy food leads to Diabetes. The problem isn’t that they’re getting too few calories, it’s that they’re getting too many of the wrong kind which contribute to or make it hard to properly manage chronic conditions such as diabetes.
Annotated Bibliography (25% of final grade):
Purpose of the Assignment: To learn about interventions that are currently published in the literature which address the public health issue in the minority population you are interested in. In addition, to critically think about whether the interventions are useful/suitable for your population and addressing the public health issue.
Assignment Instructions: Beyond just providing bibliographical information, an annotated bibliography applies a variety of skills necessary for understanding interventions in health promotion as reported in the literature. It calls for informed database research, concise summary of the source, succinct analysis/evaluation, and an understanding of the usefulness of the articles. Students are expected to include 6 peer-reviewed articles in their annotated bibliography in respect to the topic you selected and stated in Discussion #5. Please try to select articles that are no more than 10 years old. Provide a title page, a brief abstract, and a table of contents. Be sure to review the rubric below.
Begin by completing targeted searches of library databases (see or contact the FIU Health Sciences Librarian – Ramces Marsilli at should you require assistance). You may also find the “Tips and Tricks for Health Sciences Databases” helpful for those new to searching databases for articles:
Your annotated bibliography should be focused by selecting 6 peer-reviewed articles (less than 10 years old) which pertain to interventions related to addressing a public health issue/or concern among racial and ethnic minority populations (e.g., Hispanic/Latino, Black Americans, American Indians/Alaska Native, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Arab Americans) which you selected in Discussion #5.
In general, the format of each annotated bibliography entry is as follows:
A) Bibliographical information in APA format
B) Summary of the peer-reviewed article [2-4 sentences]. This includes information from the article itself such as: 1) what underlying factor the intervention addressed (if any) to achieve the final goal of reducing/addressing your PH issue, 2) if the intervention ultimately succeeded in addressing your PH issue, and 3) other pertinent study details such as sample size, type of intervention etc.
C) Evaluation of the article [2-4 sentences]
D) Explanation of the article’s usefulness [2-4 sentences]. For part C & D, see if the researchers addressed/incorporated/thought about the unique cultural dimensions of the population they created the intervention for? Did they tailor an existing intervention for them, or did they create a new one, and what did they do/not do to understand the cultural aspects of the population? For these two sections, think about the concepts you have learnt so far in this class and comment on whether you think the intervention was appropriate/well designed etc. Why or why not? Comment on whether the study/intervention was useful to you and the literature base?
Remember, be succinct and get straight to the point when writing out your paragraphs as you only have a few sentences for each section.
Though I recommend that you begin your search by using our library databases, you may also find the following list of relevant health promotion and public health journals helpful. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of refereed academic publications. However, many of your articles may come from one or more of these journals.
AIDS Education and Prevention
AIDS and Behavior
AIDS Education and Prevention
American Journal of Health Promotion
American Journal of Public Health
Bulletin of the WHO
Californian Journal of Health Promotion
Canadian Journal of Public Health
Clinical Health Promotion Journal
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Drug Education
Ethnicity & Health
European Journal of Public Health
Global Health Action
Global Health Promotion
Global Public Health (journal)
Health & Social Care in the Community
Health Communication
Health Education (journal)
Health Education Research
Health Education & Behavior
Health Promotion International
Health Promotion Practice (journal)
Health Risk & Society
Indian Journal of Community Medicine
International Health (journal)
International Journal of Health Promotion and Education
International Journal of STD & AIDS
International Journal of Public Health
Journal of American College Health
Journal of Community Health
Journal of Drug Issues
Journal of Health and Social Behavior
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Journal of Health Communication
Journal of Health Promotion and Recreation
Journal of Health Education and Health Promotion
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
Journal of Public Health
Journal of Public Health Policy
Journal of School Health
Journal of Social Marketing
Journal of Urban Health
The Lancet
The Nation’s Health
Pan American Journal of Public Health
Preventing Chronic Disease
Preventive Medicine (journal)
Progress in Community Health Partnerships
Public Health (journal)
Public Health Ethics
Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Reports
Social Marketing Quarterly
Substance Use and Abuse

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