Assignment Content Details: In this assignment you will choose a Toronto (or GTA
Assignment Content Details: In this assignment you will choose a Toronto (or GTA
Assignment Content Details: In this assignment you will choose a Toronto (or GTA) neighbourhood and propose a utopian redevelopment of that neighbourhood. You will research and write an 1800-2200-word Utopia Project In the Module on The Modern City and Ideas about the City, we heard some ideas about how people thought the modern city could be improved. Some of those ideas, such as those of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Broadacre City’, were quite utopian in character. A utopia is an imaginary society or place that contains many or all of the desired amenities of its residents. In this Utopia Project, you are tasked with redeveloping a Toronto neighbourhood to help make the city more utopian! You should be prepared to dream big! Don’t be confined by what already exists or what is too expensive! Do you want roller coasters? Social housing as tall as the CN Tower? Plots of land for people to farm? Go for it! The Utopia Project is up to you! Despite your grand dreams, what you redevelop should be grounded in contemporary reality and how human geography addresses that reality. Human Geography is the study of the relationship between people, place, and space. Your Utopia Project must be about a particular neighbourhood and through your discussion of proposed changes you should illustrate the integrative character of Geographical analysis. Consider the various aspects of Geography of Toronto (urban, social, cultural, political, economic, environmental, transportation) and examine how your topic and neighbourhood might be affected by each approach. Your Project should be grounded in the human experience of neighbourhoods. You are tasked with a four-part objective: 1) Identification of neighbourhood (Approximately one page) You should consider at what scale your proposed changes will occur. For instance, if you are proposing to redevelop the wealthy Toronto neighbourhood of Rosedale, will your proposed changes occur at a small, medium, or large scale? For instance, see the map below for three possible scales at which a student might redevelop Rosedale. Be sure to suggest the boundaries of your proposed changes, no matter the scale you choose. You must offer a critical description of the current neighbourhood. You might consider including information about some or all of the below: -Statistics and/or demographics -Housing and/or commercial costs -Built form and/or land use (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, institutional, transportation) -Relevant historical aspects of the neighbourhood *Special note: Many students choose the neighbourhood Jane-Finch for this assignment. While it is a legitimate choice, Jeff has read SO MANY projects about this neighbourhood! Please, if you can, choose another neighbourhood! You might even consider redeveloping part of a neighbourhood that isn’t traditionally the kind of neighbourhood that would be a target for redevelopment. I highly encourage you to do so. For instance, housing unaffordability and wealth inequality are major issues in Toronto, thus, a wealthy and expensive neighbourhood like Rosedale has problems! You can consider any Toronto neighbourhood as long as you justify it!

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