Select one of these topics, and explain if you agree or disagree. What would be
Select one of these topics, and explain if you agree or disagree. What would be
Select one of these topics, and explain if you agree or disagree. What would be the effects if the topic you selected were enacted? Women should, in wartime, be exempted from serving in combat. AGREE Research and Sources: Eighty percent of this paper should be your own explanations. If you rely too much on other sources or the internet, you will get a low grade. Do your own work; Canvas will flag plagiarized papers. I want to know what you think! Three sources are required. Two must be scholarly articles from Alabama Virtual Library or Google Scholar, and the other source could be another one of your choosing. Use MLA format for citing quotes and paraphrases. Include a Works Cited. Objectives: Write a clear thesis statement. Develop your thesis with three to four main ideas (as many you need). Each main idea should also be well developed. Organize the ideas logically, so present the most important supporting idea last. Cite sources correctly, using MLA documentation within your paper and in the Works Cited. Proofread so that there are no grammar errors. 4-POINT BONUS: Include a chart supporting one of your main ideas. The chart should have no more than five lines and fine columns. Final grade: 2 x 100 points Word count: 900 words Due: Mar. 26, Saturday (3 p.m.). Don’t forget that late papers lose 3 points a day (including weekends) that they are late. Getting Started. Include: 1) Heading (student’s name, date, etc.). Type the word count underneath the date. See the sample heading in the syllabus. Add title. 2) An introduction and a specific thesis statement. The introduction prepares your reader for your thesis and main arguments, so after you have written your first draft, plan to revise your introduction. Be receptive to interesting ideas that may reveal themselves once you start writing. 3) Development in the body paragraphs: This is where you will explain and support your thesis. Details and evidence (from reliable sources, such as academic articles) will be important. • Your explanations are more important than someone else’s. A plagiarized paper will receive a failing grade; you cannot rewrite papers after they have been uploaded to Canvas. • Sources: three, with at least two being reliable journal articles. The quotes/paraphrase should be presented using MLA format within your paper and in a Works Cited. Wikipedia, Shmoop, or Enotes will not count as reliable sources. 4) A counter-argument: Why would someone disagree with one of your effects? Present an opposing argument; then politely refute this argument. See page 327 of your book. 5) The conclusion: Focus on an important point. What do you think the future will look like? Look at how you began your paper; echo that same beginning here.

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