This paper is to help you express the Content of the paper, and the APA style/Fo
This paper is to help you express the Content of the paper, and the APA style/Fo
This paper is to help you express the Content of the paper, and the APA style/Format of the Paper. You can pick any topic that has to do with Psychology and it can be as long as you want , it is required to be a min of 5 pages long. I want to be sure you know how to write an APA paper. In this field and if you are staying in the sciences or education /nursing ect. you will be required to write APA papers when requested. When you transfer to a 4 yr college they will expect you to know how to write an APA paper.. "APA format is the official format of the American Psychological Assocication (APA)and is used to cite sources in psychology, education and the social sciences". THE FORMAT: THE TITLE PAGE: Your title page is to include a title, authors name(that you)and school. ABSTRACT: This is a brief summary of your paper, it is on a seperate page all it's own. Your Abstract should be no more than 100-200 words, it is a summary of your paper, think in 100-200 words a beg -middle-end, as the reader reads your paper expectations are it is following your ABSTRACT so when you are doing your content of paper it will be about your Abstract...example (if you are writing about how increased isolation can increase depression, and then you start talking about traffic in Boston.).. then you have not stuck to your topic. The best advice I can give you for your paper for future research is to always think about what are you trying to prove or disprove.. as you know in research what we find out doesn't work is as important as what does work.. (like in pandemic we are finding out what meds and vaccines work and know what won't work--so far) its only a 2yr old virus... hopefully you have a better understanding and the importance of research. The ABSTRACT will let me know what you want to learn about ect. Pick a topic that has information on it.. and a topic that interests you... something you can learn about..and share with the readers..however the abstract is a summary of your topic and paper... (this is like a short essay of the paper) MAIN. BODY: This will include the main body of your paper, the actual paper itself --when you do a lab report for example this area is broken into the introduction, method and results ,and discussion sections. REFERENCES: The reference area of your paper is to cite all references you have used there is a way to write them in the references, and to cite them throughout the paper make sure you understand how to cite a reference during your paper. I am requiring you to have a min of 4 references for your paper to cite. I have provided to you information the goal for this assignment is to have you look up the information, you can use the purdue website if have sent you as a link, or the BCC example, however you will need to research. more information on your own. BCC has a great writing lab or help if you need it.. you can give them a call, and I have sent out iin this link a quick copy of what your paper should look like and how to set it up. If you have done an APA paper this should be easy for you... A reminder when you number the pages of your paper, every page is numbered at the top and has a running head... your title page is page 1, Abstract page 2, ect.

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