You will research and prepare/record a 10-minute lecture presentation outlining

You will research and prepare/record a 10-minute lecture presentation outlining the history, pathogenesis (both host and pathogen aspects), current treatment strategies (if any), and unanswered questions in the field of study. You must also prepare a set of 5 multiple-choice questions to be submitted with the recorded lecture. You will also need to provide a bibliography/references list (last slide of presentation).
You may choose any method to record your lecture as long as it can be submitted on Canvas and viewed.
One of the easiest ways to do the recording is directly on the PowerPoint slides.
Here is a short “How To” video for recording on PowerPoint slides:
(Links to an external site.)
Download this sample presentation and then play from the Slide Show tab on the top PowerPoint menu.
Sample Presentation: Rickettsia rickettsii.pptx.
Download Rickettsia rickettsii.pptx.
MCB 2010 final presentation rubric.pdf
Download MCB 2010 final presentation rubric.pdf
Grading rubric for MCB5205 final presentation assignment:
1. Coverage of the following topics/talking points in presentation (10 points each, 50 points total):
a. history of disease
b. disease/pathogenesis (pathogen aspects)
c. disease (host-specific aspects)
d. Current treatment and/or prevention strategies (if applicable)
e. Unanswered questions in the field (including any potential barriers to developing new or more effective
2. References/bibliography (5 points each, 20 points total)
a. At least 6 referenced papers/articles/reputable websites (i.e. NIH, CDC)
b. At least half of the cited references are from primary research articles. These can be found and accessed through the FGC library or other sources.
c. Consistently-formatted reference list (enough detail so that references can be retrieved easily; see examples below)
d. All figures/tables from other sources are properly cited throughout the presentation (see example below)
3. Slide quality (i.e. proper use of scientific terminology, including italicized Genus species and gene vs Protein,
grammar, spelling) (10 points)
4. Adherence to time limit (10 points; points will be deducted in increments of 2 if presentation deviates from 10 ± 2
5. Five (5) multiple-choice/True-False questions (can be on slides after reference slide in the presentation, or submitted
separately as a word document; must use correct grammar/punctuation/spelling, and indicate the correct response for
each question) (10 points)

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