A nurse is a vital part of patient care and the profession of nursing has a broa
A nurse is a vital part of patient care and the profession of nursing has a broa
A nurse is a vital part of patient care and the profession of nursing has a broad scope in many different healthcare fields. Many aspects of nursing are important, such as patient care skills, legal compliance, continuing education, national and state standards, and so on. Nursing organizations offer nurses support in many aspects of the nursing profession and also connect nurses together in a unified group. The first nursing organization of The American Society of Training Schools for Nurses was established in 1893 and has become a society of over 100 nursing organizations in the nation (Halstead, 2018). Nursing organizations offer many benefits to nurses, including influence on health care policy, education opportunities, and advocacy for quality of care (Halstead, 2018). Various organizations offer legal information and updates on the latest policy changes (Schneider, 2015). These nursing organizations also offer conferences where nurses can come, sometimes from around the world, to network and share best practices (Schneider, 2015). Each nursing organization advocates for its members and gives nurses to have a voice to the public and policymakers on important issues (Matthews, 2012). Many organizations also work with the American Nurse Association (ANA) in the U.S. Congress to advocate for change in policy and highlight the nursing profession's needs (Matthews, 2012). The advocacy in Congress has included many aspects such as improvement of the scope of practice, nursing involvement in the workforce, and removal of barriers to advanced practice nurses (Matthew, 2012). Nursing organizations around the nation offer strength, support, and unity with other nurses in the profession. The organization values and perpetuates patient care, advocacy, education of best practices, and gives nurses a voice for their profession. PEER RESPONSE EXPECTATIONS: • "A peer response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or further enhancing the discussion." • Each peer response MUST have ONE reference with citations (The best source is a peer- reviewed article.) • Peer responses require a "Word count greater than 75 words AND at least five (5) sentences in length" • Statements like "I agree" or great post" do not count towards the word or sentence • References do not count toward the word or sentence • ***" Quotes WILL NOT be allowed in the answers to Peer Replies*** • Appropriate APA formatting for citations and references is required

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