Annotated Bibliography Assignment (Adapted from: http://guides.library.cornell.e
Annotated Bibliography Assignment (Adapted from: http://guides.library.cornell.e
Annotated Bibliography Assignment (Adapted from: For this assignment, you will pretend as though you are writing a research paper. In preparation for this pretend paper, please find and analyze 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles related to the stage of early childhood. You may choose any research topic, as long as the focus is on early childhood (somewhere between the ages of 3-8). You must find 3 articles that focus on a similar topic. Here are some examples of topics: Nutrition Brain development Mental health issues Socio-economic status Aggression Play Resilience Here are even more topics to choose from, This is only a guide for your topic, you may not use the articles for this assignment: Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development: Topics A-Z (Links to an external site.) Then, you will read the articles and: Provide the full, APA formatted citation for the entry Write a concise annotation that: Summarizes the central theme and scope of the article, Evaluates the authority or background of the author (For example, what research institution are they associated with? Have they published other papers?) Comments on the intended audience (hint: scholarly articles are written by researchers for their peers or professionals in the field, not the general public. Compares or contrast this work with another you have cited (you must compare each article with the other two!) Explains how this work illuminates your topic (What insight does this article give you about your topic?) Ensure each entry is formatted correctly according to APA style, free of errors, and written in an academic tone Your entry must be written entirely in your own words. Do not use any direct quotes from the article. Please type your entries on a document and upload it to the assignment. I would prefer that you save and upload your document as a PDF. Here is an example of Annotated Bibliography entry. You will have three entries on your document, just like this: Waite, L. J., Goldschneider, F. K., & Witsberger, C. (1986). Nonfamily living and the erosion of traditional family orientations among young adults. American Sociological Review, 51 (4), 541-554. The authors, researchers at the Rand Corporation and Brown University, use data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Young Women and Young Men to test their hypothesis that nonfamily living by young adults alters their attitudes, values, plans, and expectations, moving them away from their belief in traditional sex roles. They find their hypothesis strongly supported in young females, while the effects were fewer in studies of young males. Increasing the time away from parents before marrying increased individualism, self-sufficiency, and changes in attitudes about families. In contrast, an earlier study by Williams cited below shows no significant gender differences in sex role attitudes as a result of nonfamily living.

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