“Do women and men have distinct ‘natures”? What indeed is a woman, or a man?” In
“Do women and men have distinct ‘natures”? What indeed is a woman, or a man?” In
"Do women and men have distinct 'natures"? What indeed is a woman, or a man?" In January you composed an answer to this question. Now that you have read a number of accounts of human nature (female and male alike) from the history of philosophy, critique your initial response. Has your view of female, male, or indeed human nature changed, or not? If you have altered your view, explain the flaws in your first account; if not, provide a defense of your view, citing or discussing at least six of the philosophers and thinkers we I have read this semester. Three of the thinkers you use must be from our contemporary sources (Irigaray, MacKinnon, Flax, Haslanger, Bettcher, Goldberg, Bornstein, Kimmel, Benatar, Liberto, Dougherty). Your essay should contain no fewer than three quotes from the texts that you use; of course, you may use more. Changing your mind is not the issue; defending your view is. Make your view of human (and female, and male) nature explicit, and use the philosophers we have discussed to aid your analysis. It may be the case that you have inclinations that run in different directions: fine, then tell me about why it is that one aspect of X's view appeals, but another does not. Please note: I will be evaluating your explanation of the philosophical views you cite, not your opinions (which of course I welcome). Be as clear and thoughtful as possible. I look forward to reading your essays. INSTRUCTIONS: Please begin your essay with a copy (unretouched!) of your initial paper, followed by your final exam. Your final essay should be 6-7 pages (about 1600+ words) typed and double-spaced. (Your initial paper is not part of the page or word count.) These papers must be PDF format, double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-point font, and clearly annotated with internal citations, thus: (PW, p. 16); (Woolf, p. 110); (Bornstein, p. 46). If you paraphrase a

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