First, choose a current issue in American politics (something that has been in t
First, choose a current issue in American politics (something that has been in t
First, choose a current issue in American politics (something that has been in the news A LOT lately). Look at commentary (opinion, not news coverage) of this issue over a 2-3 day period in a variety of outlets. Please note that political commentary is when the author of an article, a TV host, or a political commentator expresses his or her own opinions. Political commentary does not include reporting the opinion of others or providing objective analysis. In the case of television interviews or panel discussions, the person being interviewed or those on the panel offering their opinions can also be considered commentary. Possibilities include but are not limited to: Written Commentary Broadcast Commentary (video/audio Comedy Opinion columns in paper Cable tv news opinion show Daily Show Letters to the Editor Tucker Carlson (FOX) SNL Cable network websites Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) Late Night Talk radio (ex. Limbaugh) Podcasts Next, choose 4 different commentary sources from at least TWO categories listed above. In addition, you CAN NOT select all liberal or all conservative sources but must include a variety. Once you have selected your 4 pieces of political commentary, write a paper (it will likely take 3-5 double spaced pages to get the job done adequately) analyzing and evaluating (not just describing) the commentary. The paper should include the following: 1) From the perspective of an objective observer, evaluate the commentary using the following questions: A.) What arguments do your sources make or what positions do they take on the issue? B.) Do they support those positions with evidence, and if so, is it credible (why or why not—reputable sources, logical argument, empirical evidence, etc.)? C.) Do their arguments hold together based on the facts? D.) Do the arguments hold together logically? For this section, you should review common logical fallacies here and identify which logical fallacies are at work in your chosen commentary: 2) For your conclusion, reflect on your own reaction to the commentary. To what extent did your own opinion on the issue affect your ability to analyze the commentary? Have your own opinions changed? Why or why not? Papers should be double-spaced using standard fonts and absolutely no more than 6 pages (bibliography does not count toward the page limit). Please use either MLA or APA format.

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