For your term paper project, please assemble and write a museum exhibit for a hy
For your term paper project, please assemble and write a museum exhibit for a hy
For your term paper project, please assemble and write a museum exhibit for a hypothetical, virtual American history museum. Your exhibit must consist of five interpretive text “panels” addressing one of the exhibit titles below. Each “panel” will represent one page of your paper and will consist of an historic photograph or an image of an artifact at the top of the page. Below that image will be text that both interprets the photograph or artifact and propels your argument. The text for each panel/page should be no more than 300 words. Your document will consist of seven pages, as follows: Title Page Introductory/Thesis Panel (must have image) Interpretive Panel 1 (must have image) Interpretive Panel 2 (must have image) Interpretive Panel 3 (must have image) Concluding Panel (must have image) Works Cited For the introductory panel, you must state clearly an argument or thesis that you will then support with your images and text in the subsequent panels. Your thesis should address change over time and answer clearly why that change occurs. Be sure to restate your thesis in the concluding panel. (Hint: You usually state your thesis better in the conclusion, so consider moving it to the introduction.) For both the introductory and concluding panels, you will need to choose photographs or images of artifacts that summarize your argument in some way. You may select your images from any source (including lecture slides) but be sure to cite the source of the image properly in a caption and in your works cited page. As for your textual evidence, USE ONLY THE COURSE READINGS AND LECTURES. You must cite at least ONE lecture and THREE of the course’s readings other than the American Yawp online textbook. The more readings you cite, the better. BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES, with either in-text parenthetical citations in MLA or APA style or with footnotes in Chicago style. Your sources must also be properly listed in the works cited page. Remember that museum labels should be concise, with simple, straight-forward language. EXHIBIT TITLES “St. Louis Blues” to Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Music, Modernity, and Challenges to Consensus Culture 1893, 1919, and 1968: Three Years that Changed America Victory Culture/Defeat Culture: War Stories and Changing Notions of American Power from World War I to Vietnam From the Great Migration to the March on Washington: Urban Space and the African American Experience Bootlegged Gin to LSD: Mind-Altering Substances, Prohibitions, and American Protest Culture All the World’s a Fair: Spectacle Culture from Electricity to the Atomic Bomb I have attached an example, it is in files. Don’t worry about the cover page, I will do that.

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