For your understanding I need the methodology part of my Master Thesis. I conduc
For your understanding I need the methodology part of my Master Thesis. I conduc
For your understanding I need the methodology part of my Master Thesis. I conducted 7 semi structured , in-depth interviews with 7 Startup founders in order to asked them question about their CSR Strategies. (Find the question below). Please write a methodology based on this conducted interviews and questions in focus on the research question and hypothesis. 1. Research Strategie ( here you can introduce you overall approach) -qualitative research (also secondary data in advanced) - semi-structured questions - 7 in- depth interviews with Startup founders Research Question: o To what extent do Startups benefit from CSR as compared to companies who don´t give importance to CSR? · Hypotheses: · Hypothesis 1: Socially conscious startups are more likely to be successful than traditional ones. · · Hypothesis 2: There's no link between the sector a startup is operating in and its commitment to doing good in the world. · · Hypothesis 3: In order to make a company more appealing to investors, CSR is an important strategy for new businesses. What are the criteria for validity and reliability in this type of research? 2. DATA COLLECTION METHODE Questions for in depth interviews Describe how the interviews were conducted and why you ask these questions as well as what output you hoped to get. 1. What is the importance of CSR for you/your company? What kind of measures are you already implementing? What positive effects do your measures have? 2. Does CSR have a significant impact on your company's performance? 3. Do people applying for jobs with you pay attention to social activities of the employer and a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model? 4. How have you implemented social responsibility in your company? As a founder, did you try to implement sustainability in each of your major decisions or did you hire people to take care of this area from the beginning? 5. CSR is an attractive factor in the marketing area and of course for the environment and future, however CSR measures also cost money. For startups, profitability should be the first priority in order to compete in the market as well as to survive in the long run. Were there CSR measures that cost you more than they benefited you or did you have to do without something? 6. Do you think that companies that establish CSR in their corporate structures are more successful in the end than those that do not? Or if you don't establish it, are more likely to fail in the future? Or is it just a momentary trend that many companies are taking advantage of to gain prestige? 7. How do investors benefit from corporate social responsibility? Has Establishing CSR helped you in your search for investors? Qualitative methode was that the interviews were transcribed and then thematic analysis was conducted. 3. Evaluate and justify your methodological choices Your methodology should make the case for why you chose these particular methods, especially if you did not take the most standard approach to your topic. Discuss why other methods were not suitable for your objectives, and show how this approach contributes new knowledge or understanding.

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