Hey there! I need an essay about the movie: The eight hundred (https://en.wikipe
Hey there! I need an essay about the movie: The eight hundred (https://en.wikipe
Hey there! I need an essay about the movie: The eight hundred (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Eight_Hundred), which is on netflix. The exact details are as follows: Each student has to select a movie related to any international incident happened in the period of 1900-2020. The movie itself can be in any language produced from any country. However, your final essay must be written in English and the international incident must be happened across Asia (and beyond, such as WWII). Documentary film is allowed but not preferable as it might limit the room for further discussion. In this paper, you have to accomplish the following tasks: Task 1: Summarize the key storyline of the movie and provide historical background on the international incident that the movie has covered. Task 2: Explain the major causes of the incident. Why the incident is so important to the IR in Asia. Task 3: The movie should have played certain angles, views, or perspectives of the producers. Identify them and critically reflect you views towards the movie. Explain clearly why you agree or disagree with the producer. Would it involve any IR theoretical explanation? You are expected to identify those theories, concepts and/or arguments from other academic research that could be applied into the incident. You may also try to associate what you have learnt in the lectures with your arguments. You are required to follow the University rules and regulations on academic honesty. Students failed to apply appropriate referencing style (e.g. in-text citation, endnotes/footnotes and reference list) in their essay will definitely be considered as PLAGIARISM. Format/Rules: Ø Prepare a cover sheet that clearly states your name, student ID, and the topic of your paper Ø Type and print on A-4 Size paper with 1.5 line spacing The length of the essay should be 1,500-2,000 words. Any deviation may lead to mark deduction

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