hicINSTRUCTIONS FOR ESSAY (COURSE READER IS ATTACHED BELOW) : The assignment is thesis-based, argumentative, and evidence-based, and will increase in complexity. Essays should be 2000 words in length (footnotes are included in the word count, but the bibliography is not). The bibliography must contain a minimum of six items and should normally include: works from the course reader, the set texts, and at least one primary source. Essays with a weak bibliography will be penalized. Essays without footnotes and a bibliography will earn an automatic fail mark. Chicago style footnotes are required on every page. SET TEXTS: James L. Roark, et. al., The American Promise: A History of the United States, Volume 2 From 1865, Eighth Edition, (referred to below as “Promise”) ISBN: 9781319208967 Victoria Bisell Brown and Timothy J. Shannon, Going to the Source, Volume 2, Since 1865, Fifth Edition, ISBN: 9781319106287 All other assigned readings, articles, chapters, and primary source material, will be in the Course Reader or available on the following website: http://www.americanyawp.com ESSAY: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE (Choose One) The "Jazz Age," the "Roaring Twenties," the "Turbulent Twenties," and the "Dollar Decade" all describe the decade of the 1920s. Which label, in your opinion, is most accurate? Justify your answer in an essay describing the decade's major events and problems. The actions of African-American civil rights activists had a broader effect on activists for other minorities. Agree or disagree. Explain your answer with examples. What role, if any, did the notion of a "balance of power" play in the international relations of a period you have studied? Explain your answer. From your readings on the Vietnam War, evaluate the American role in Vietnam from 1961 to 1975. Was the United States able to fulfill its objectives? The Cold War had profound implications for U.S. domestic policy and culture. Discuss the ways in which heightened tension with the Soviet Union influenced America's national scene from 1945 to 1989. What were the benefits and losses of this "great fear" on American culture? For tips on how to write Essays please refer to the Course Reader (p. 28). Under "Student Resources", in the Modules folder, you will find a document titled Writing an Essay that contains helpful tips for every step of the writing process. GRADING RUBRIC: Critical Thinking Students will make a historical argument based on the use of a combination of the following: primary sources, secondary sources, class lectures. Students will prove the argument with the use of the evidence above. 25 pts EXCELLENT Makes an original argument and provides proof in a skillful and creative fashion. 20 pts VERY GOOD Presents an argument of high quality and provides evidence to reinforce the case being made. 10 pts GOOD Makes a satisfactory argument and provides adequate proof. 5 pts COMPETENT Shows some knowledge and understanding, but with deficiencies serious enough to suggest that grasp of the subject matter and of historical analysis is limited. 0 pts UNSATISFACTORY Fails to make and prove a historical argument. Work displaying only minimal knowledge and understanding, failing to address the literature in depth and with a weak grasp of the subject matter and historical analysis. 25 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWritten Communication Students will write a paper that has a clear thesis, evidence organized into logical paragraphs, and a conclusion. Students will submit a paper that demonstrates the ability to use English for written expression at the college level. 25 pts EXCELLENT Shows great command of organization and evinces a high ability in written expression. 20 pts VERY GOOD Clarity in structure, analysis, and style. Shows a clear sense of written organization and expression. 10 pts GOOD Good engagement with essay question, but with limitations in matters such as depth, clarity, rigor of argument and structure; limitations in style and expression. 5 pts COMPETENT Limited engagement with the essay question. Grammatical and typographical errors. 0 pts UNSATISFACTORY Lacking in both writing and organization. Work so weak as to indicate that only a nominal attempt has been made to complete the assignment. Poor grammar and awkward phrasing. 25 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent/Discipline Knowledge Students will demonstrate an understanding of the culture, events, and ideas of past and present civilizations. Students will demonstrate an understanding of historical context. 25 pts EXCELLENT Shows an excellent and in-depth understanding of past events cultures, and ideas and situates these within larger contexts. 20 pts VERY GOOD Demonstrates a keen awareness of past events, cultures, and ideas in their greater contexts. 10 pts GOOD Satisfactory understanding of past events, cultures, and ideas in their larger contexts. 5 pts COMPETENT Demonstrates some understanding of past events, cultures and ideas in their broader contexts. 0 pts UNSATISFACTORY Lacks an understanding of past events, cultures, and ideas in their broader contexts. Displays almost total confusion and misunderstanding of the subject. 25 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeRange of Sources Students will demonstrate research proficiency through the utilization of high caliber primary and secondary source material. Students will satisfy the minimum requirement of 6 sources. 15 pts EXCELLENT Wide range of excellent sources utilized; reading beyond recommended minimum. 11.25 pts VERY GOOD Broad range of source material, demonstrating historiographical awareness. 7.5 pts GOOD Good work, reasonable in such matters as comprehensiveness and scope of research. 3.75 pts COMPETENT Insufficient research. Use of questionable and/or low-quality source material. Bare minimum of sources utilized. 0 pts UNSATISFACTORY Demonstrates research deficiencies for a college writing assignment. Minimum requirement of 6 sources not met. 15 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFootnotes & Bibliography Students will demonstrate correct citation formatting practices e.g. Chicago Style and Footnotes. 10 pts EXCELLENT Excellent formatting and well-presented footnotes & bibliography. 7.5 pts VERY GOOD Great formatting with minor errors in bibliography and/or footnotes. 5 pts GOOD A few errors present, but acceptable formatting of footnotes and bibliography. 2.5 pts COMPETENT Inadequate or unsystematic formatting of the bibliography and/or footnotes. 0 pts UNSATISFACTORY Demonstrates incorrect or messy formatting of the bibliography and/or footnotes. 10 pts

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