QUANTITATIVE (Financial and non-financial metrics): (use databases (e.g., Mergen

QUANTITATIVE (Financial and non-financial metrics): (use databases (e.g., Mergent Online) and ESG data/analysis collected from sites like Morningstar, Sustainanalytics, Yahoo Finance, MSCI)
Length: 2 pages (interpretation) and all figures and charts to be placed in Appendices
Q1. Do a search for Tesla Inc.’s (F.N) current financial performance. Plot percent change in stock price for the last two years, 5 years, and ‘lifetime’ compared to the S&P 500 and automotive industry competitors Toyota (TM.N), Honda Motor Company (HMC.N), General Motors (GM.N) and The Ford Motor Co. (F.N). Report the results. What do you see? Include the 5 year plot in an appendix (with proper reference(s)).
Q2. Calculate, interpret, and compare the following financial ratios for Tesla Inc. and Ford Motor Co., based on end of fiscal year 2020 data: Current Ratio, Total Debt Ratio, Inventory turnover, ROA, ROE. Use the formulas provided in your textbook and use company financial data from Mergent On-line. Include your formulas and calculations in an appendix.
Q3. Develop a common sized income statement and balance sheet for each of Tesla Inc. and Ford Motor Co. for the last 3 fiscal years using Mergent Online standardized financial data. Do you see any trends? Compare. Include the common sized statement and balance sheet in an appendix
Q4. How does Tesla rate in terms of its ESG performance (put metrics in Table)? In which ESG areas is Tesla strong and where can Tesla improve (be specific).

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