Requirements for Definition Essay: Final Draft: 1200-1700 words 3-4 sources incl

Requirements for Definition Essay:
Final Draft:
1200-1700 words
3-4 sources including either or both King’s and Solnit’s essays; King or Solnit is required
work cited mostly following MLA
300 or more words, including sources
Remember to submit in ONE document/file in this order:
your final draft (1200-1700 words; include the work cited listing in your draft, but do not include in the word count; must include King and/or Solnit + optional additional sources. I have uploaded the King’s letter in the attachment and here is the link to Solnit’s Article:
and your essay outline (300+ words) (must include specific source references and match the final draft’s argument)
Definition Essay Final Draft Checklist
Definition Paper Checklist
To help you succeed on this assignment, I recommend you check your work meets this checklist. This checklist covers the most common pitfalls for this assignment.
Focused Evaluation Items
“Focused evaluation items” are skills that I’ll be looking for in particular on this assignment. They’re areas you definitely want to ensure demonstrate that you’re “meeting standards” for on this paper.
Paper evaluations and standards will be cumulative this semester, with these assignment 1 skills also needing to be present on assignment 2 and 3. Assignment 2 and 3 will also have their own new skills added to help you build skills as we work through this semester.
Your thesis includes BOTH a claim AND a reason, your chosen term, and why it’s important to understand the term as you’re defining it.
Your thesis may include a part of quotation, but the entire thesis should not be only a quotation. It needs to include YOUR term, YOUR claim, and YOUR reason.
Your thesis is probably at the end of your intro paragraph.
Your thesis is only one or two sentences long.
FOCUSED EVALUATION: Paragraph development/control
Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence, which contains both a claim and reason, closely related to the paper’s thesis and following the order of the reasons listed in that thesis.
The topic sentence is NOT a quotation from another source. Although it may refer to a source reference, each topic sentence includes mostly your own words and closely reflects YOUR thesis’ argument.
Paragraphs have between 5-8 sentences; they’re not too much shorter than 1/3 page and they’re not much longer than ½ page.
FOCUSED EVALUATION: Counter-Arguments and Grey Area Analysis
You’ve included a section on counter-arguments.
You’ve also rebutted those counter-arguments. (You could use They Say I Say chapter 2. 6 and 7 templates to help you build counter-arguments and rebuttals smoothly.) I have uploaded the They Say I Say chapter 2 below
You’ve included a section on clearly YES examples, and explained why they’re YES examples.
You’ve included a section on clearly NO examples (and why those are NO examples).
Somewhere in the paper too, you’ve noted the complexity of the definition by including some GREY examples.
Skill building areas
These are skills that I want you to PRACTICE on this assignment, but they are not skills I’ll be focusing my evaluation on for this first assignment. I’m listing them here because they are areas that play into a strong paper, AND we’ll work with them on the second assignment.
Introduction and conclusion paragraphs
We’ve practiced these, so I’ll review them, but concentrate on the above areas first for this paper.
Source integration
Since this paper uses sources to support and illustrate your ideas, be sure you attribute ideas and words to your sources. Use online MLA resources and They Say I Say to help you with this part.
Every paragraph includes at least ONE if not more references (quotations or paraphrasing) to sources.
You’ve used MLA for ALL your source references, with attributive phrases (“According to” or “King argues” etc).
You’ve used a variety of attributive verbs. See the They Say I Say chapter 2 (quotation sandwiches) for verbs to consider using to introduce voices (Links to an external site.) into your essay.
For paginated (paged) references, you’ve included page numbers and, if no author listed earlier in the sentence, the author’s last name.
For ALL authored sources, the first time you introduced the author, you’ve used BOTH first and last names, and every time thereafter, just the author’s last name.
You’ve clearly established which are the author’s words and which are your own through quotation marks.
You’ve paraphrased most of your source references, keeping quotations for only the most exceptionally phrased source references.
Your quotations are short and relevant; it’s ok to integrate a few word of quotations, correctly cited, into a longer paraphrased sentence or a sentence of your own argument.
You’ve included both opening AND closing quotation marks for quoted material.
You’ve integrated a number of TSIS templates throughout your essay (or at least the spirit of these templates) to help you reassure your readers that you know what you’re doing; that you’re aware that other voices are also discussing this topic; and that you’re done your research and are integrating those voices in a respectful fair way.
Check for plagiarism
Remember that you can check for plagiarism by using Canvas Similarity tool.
Submit your final draft to Canvas, wait for ten minutes or so, and then check your submission. Next to your submission, Canvas should have put a colored circle holding a percentage number. That circle offers you important information about any problematic source integration you have in your document.
Click on the circle to see your Similarity report and to see exactly what I’ll see when I look at your document.
Please review the doc, repair any problematic source usage, and then resubmit.
Be sure you resubmit the document BEFORE the due date/time for the assignment. Resubmitting after the due date/time will need your one pass for the semester.
Work Cited Listings
Listings include all sources referenced in your essay.
Listings are alphabetized by last name of author if you have a name; with anonymous articles, alphabetize by the first main word of the article title.
Listings are double-spaced with correct indentations.
Don’t guess at MLA; use the Purdue Owl website and Easybib (Links to an external site.) to help you write the work cited listings.
Sentences and Style
We haven’t spent lots of time on this part yet; just do your best, be sure to use Grammarly Premium, and fix the sentence habits you know you already have.
You’ve evidently (very evidently) spent time proofreading your paper. (Remember to read the paper out loud to your family, to your roommate, to your animal friends, to yourself, so you can hear things your eyes and brain automatically fix.)
Use Grammarly Premium to help you find, recognize, and fix sentence patterns and errors.
Sentences include a subject, verb, and a complete thought.
Sentences are a variety of lengths and styles—some short, some long. Some are simple sentences, and some are compound or complex.
Your writing is ABOVE ALL clear.
Check the rubric
Check the assignment rubric attached to this assignment to help see the areas with focused evaluation. Those areas will be the ones you’ll especially want to show me you at least “meet standards” for. I have uploaded two screenshots for rubric to guide you. Also, I have uploaded sample outline template to guide you thorugh outline portion of the writing which I think you have done in the previous order.

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