The essay should be organized as a mini textbook chapter, including a statement
The essay should be organized as a mini textbook chapter, including a statement
The essay should be organized as a mini textbook chapter, including a statement of position, a logical organization of the concepts into a coherent story, and a conclusion demonstrating your own insights into the topic (see example essay on the home page of the course). The essay should contain a definition box of terms that are technical and/or particularly important to understand the topic of the essay. Figures are not required but they are welcome if they help enhance the understanding of the essay. Spellchecking with automated tools (Word or Google Docs spellchecker, Grammarly, etc) is strongly recommended before submission. The essay should follow the instructions of the rubric provided on the home page of the course. Full points will be awarded if the essay falls into the "expert" category for all items of the rubric. I will upload the rubric. and I will need a definition box as well. this assignment is about the Aggregation and segregation" in terms of biology and social behavior please do not paraphrase word for word paragraphs and give it to me as an essay I WILL NOT ACCEPT that so focus on different species and groups, and how are they organized define aggregation and segregation in which of their benefits and disadvantages. FOR example, how has New York city too crowded and aggregated yet it's so segregated as well where is the problem, focus on one idea throughout a paragraph, and a general idea throughout the whole essay. Please DO NOT paraphrase, Please give me good quality work. you could give example or two about NEW YORK but not a lot. PLEASE use simple words do not use very complicated words be simple so that I can understand the essay well. Give me a definition box I will be attaching TWO example essays to give you an idea about what I want and also follow the rubric. PLEASE PLEASE read this carefully and read the documents that I will be uploading as well. DO NOT ACCEPT UNTIL YOU READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS ALSO,here is my professor's last comment to me: This essay has the same issues as your previous one. Lack of focus (you jump from one topic to another, sometimes in the same paragraph and with no apparent connection between them), appears to be largely paraphrased without personal reflection, covers concepts that we haven't even mentioned in class, etc. make sure those mistakes don't appear again.

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