The instructions are pasted as well as attached below. The professor is looking
The instructions are pasted as well as attached below. The professor is looking
The instructions are pasted as well as attached below. The professor is looking for more of storyline based report rather then a full mathmaticle analysis. The basis is to clearly answer the questions and stating how you got your answers as well as the steps you took within those calculations while throwing a little fictional story line behind it. Attached is an excel sheet which allows you to put in the numbers in for the calculations. Also attached is directions (it is called Dead end instructions) explaining how the excel sheet works along with the formulas. There is not one exact correct answer rather it will be correct if it is in the "ball park". Also attached is a blue print of the building to get a better understanding of the stroyline. No citations are requred but you may need to refer to NFPA 13 for some sections The full instructions are below as well as attached in a PDF named FIS 207 Term Project: You’ve been given a set of the fire protection drawings for the Spyglass Hill Apartments. There are two dry pipe systems, one each in the two parking garages (basement and first floor), and a wet pipe system for the rest of the building. The systems were designed in 2015 with an “older” version of NFPA 13. The earlier code had automobile parking as an Ordinary Hazard Group 1. In the 2021 NFPA 13 it is now an Ordinary Hazard group 2. PROBLEM Is the original dry pipe system design in the basement garage able to handle the increase in the demand. SOLUTION Please determine: o if the design area of 1950 sq ft still applies; o the new design flow rate; and o the new pressure just upstream of the design area (i.e., you do not have to calculate the pressure all the way back to the riser unless you’re feeling ambitious) FINAL PRODUCT Prepare a report of your findings. The narrative part of the report should be no more than three to four typewritten pages long (i.e., not more than 1000 words). I’m looking for a story so there should be a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should be an introduction of sorts: what are you doing, what are the steps, what are you trying to show, etc. The middle should be a little more technical and explain your results – why did you get the answer you got? The ending should summarize your work. Be sure to list any assumptions you have to make and be prepared to defend them. You can include additional, supporting information along with the narrative part. This could include screen grabs of the spreadsheet results you got, the graph showing the system demand vs the available water supply, or maybe a sketch showing your reference points. Remember, you have to convince me you have an appreciation of what automatic fire sprinkler system design is all about. GRADING The technical aspects of the project will be worth 90 points. While I am not going to take points off because you “weren’t close enough”, you still have to be “in the ball park” so make sure to compare your results with those on the plans. Make sure your results make sense. A minimum of ten points will be available for the writing portion of the grade to make a total of 100 points. However, the better written your narrative report is, the more bonus points you can earn, up to an additional 20 points are available. I will be editing your reports to give you an idea of what is expected in the real world. Basically, the more time I spend editing your report, the less bonus points you’ll get. Therefore, the final report should be a Word document, not a PDF.

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