The only thing you would do is fix my research paper. It’s already done, but my
The only thing you would do is fix my research paper. It’s already done, but my
The only thing you would do is fix my research paper. It's already done, but my teacher told me there's a lot to fix. This is what needs to be fixed: Method- Running head should be all caps. This is the intro to the paper, but this assignment folder is for the methods section. There is no methods section here. Refs need proper indentations per APA manual. Results & Discussion- No headings should be underlined. Need a running head. Group 1* and Group 2* Don't include statistics tables. Don't include formulas. Don't explain how the statistics are calculated. See sample student paper from last semester. Most of the results section should be stating what you expected to find (hypothesis), how you would know if it was supported (p < .05) and/or refuted (p > .05), what statistical test(s) you ran (independent-samples t-test), and what you found using an APA formatted results sentence. Need an APA results sentence. Go back to the scenarios in our Module 3 slides. There is a scenario for independent-samples t-tests. See how that APA results sentence was written. Need to add effect size to that sentence like we did in the last scenario. Take this general sentence and fix it for this scenario: "Group A (M = , SD = ) was significantly different than Group B (M = , SD = ), t(df) = , p = , d = ." Then include a sentence after this written that states these results for a general audience. Graph should go between results and discussion. Graph should not have a title. Instead, it should have an APA formatted figure title and caption. See APA Manual. Graph should just have two bars, one for each group. Graph font should match the paper. Lacking analysis methods? Discussion is confusing. Some parts are on the right track, but it feels like it is all over the place. End with a sense of closure. In general, a discussion should follow this flow: summary of the paper, implications for the field (connecting back to the ideas discussed in the intro), potential applications of the findings (if any), limitations of the study (no study is perfect), future directions, and a discussion summary/conclusion with a positive take-home message that provides a sense of closure. Abstract- Should be a single paragraph, unindented. Need keywords. Need running head. Italicize statistical coefficients. Need to include part of the discussion, a takeaway message if nothing else for closure. This is what needs to be fixed, Please just do what needs to be fixed. I uploaded the researchmanuscript and the instructions in case you need that too. Please if you have any questions, let me know!

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