These are additional instructions to help The Instructions for the paper have be
These are additional instructions to help The Instructions for the paper have be
These are additional instructions to help The Instructions for the paper have been attached as images Of the five categories to choose from I have chosen 1, 2, 3, and 4 For each category I have provided at least 1 source and where I stand on the issues. Feel free to use other sources as well. If there are any questions feel free to ask me. - Global Tourism Issues and Ethics - Common areas such as National Parks should be places that are left open for everyone to enjoy all the time but they simply can't because people cannot be trusted at these historical places when there is no one watching them because there will be trash everywhere, urine and feces overflowing, artifacts being vandalized, and natural habitats being disturbed. These are places that we should treasure as it's a piece of our history, and sadly the only way to do this is to have limitations on when these areas can be visited. Source: - Tourist Gaze: I can't really say that the "Tourist Gaze" is ethically wrong because it may be something that is done no ill intent, but it is complete and utter ignorance. Putting myself in their shoes, if someone was visiting my home and just followed and video taped me doing everything, I would feel violated. It's an invasion of privacy and it would make you feel like a circus animal more than anything. Source: -Sun, Sand, Sea and Sex - Sex Trafficking in Thailand is due to the low wages and poor working conditions young children are put through. If places like Thailand, Jamaica, and Sosua were provided with better economic resources and opportunities, the sex trafficking and prostitution rates would decline drastically. - "Romance Tourism" in Jamaica. Source: - Prostitution in Sosua. Source: - Both the Sosua woman and the Jamaican men are in the same boat. For the most part they don't do it for enjoyment, but rather as a means to make money off of travelers that are careless with their money and are looking for a good time. - Cruise ship companies have conducted several ways to attract people and make more profit over the years, and they've done so by adding several amenities such as casinos, restaurants, water slides, and shopping malls on board the ships. Many people get on a ship and become so easily distracted by these attractions that they forget where they're going and even fail to think of the harm these ships also cause. Once cruise ships leave the dock, they burn heavy fuel oil which creates air pollution and creates a huge risk for an oil spill. It has been declared that there is also an issue with these ship companies violating environmental standards by discharging hazardous chemicals and oils and having to pay fines for it. Although they portray an image of environmental sensitivity, this has been an ongoing issue. Source:,from%203%2C000%20to%205%2C000%20cars. - Cruise ship workers maintain a positive attitude and body language, the reason the cost of a cruise ship is so affordable to the average person is because they contain labor costs. They work a drastic amount of hours and don't make nearly as much as they should. - Tourism's "New Normal" - Covid-19 impact, Dark Tourism, & Chinese and Western Market - Covid-19 has had a major impact on the tourism industry. With the rise and rapid spread of Covid-19 many people put a hold on traveling. People all around the world were forced to quarantine and were advised not to have gatherings and really to not leave their houses at all unless needed. Many states make a major part of their income off tourism, as these places likely attract the most tourists. With everything shut down, nobody was traveling to these places so they began to lose business, which forced many companies and small businesses to shut down. Being from South Florida, one of the most popular tourist states, I have definitely witnessed this. Many businesses in Miami and all across South Florida permanently shut down after being closed so long from Covid, including one of my favorite restaurants. Source: - What are the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CHINESE AND WESTERN TRAVELLERS. - Indigenous Communities, Racism, Eco-Tourism - Racism in Tourism, Indiginous/Native Communities, and Eco Tourism -Pueblo Native Americans have done a good job limiting tourist and keeping parts of their culture private. Cultures like the ones showed in the Cannibal tours video would benefit alot by adopting the same methods of the Pueblo Indians. -Eco Tourism is a popular trend in the United States that is something that should be practiced more, It is a great way to conserve our environment. I have not practiced it much but wish to in the future. 1 source ( Podcast:

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