VISUAL ANALYSIS PAPERS INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC Paper Marx’s Alienation GOALS To evidence that you fully understand the theoretical concept To evidence that you can apply these theoretical concepts to your everyday life. To display creativity in your choice of how you apply these concepts to your photo. COMPOSED OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS 1. A summary explanation of the theoretical concept. This section should be a comprehensive but concise summary of the concept. Think of this short section the following way: Imagine that you are going to visit my sociology class next quarter and teach the concept to that class. What needs to be understood? What is relevant? This section of the paper should be no more than 2 paragraphs (10 sentences) maximum. If you are going to use quotes from texts or language form my Power Point slides or the readings, you will need to use in-text citations. American Sociological Association formatting is required. Works Cited page is not needed for this paper since no outside of class materials will be used. Anything used from outside the course will not be considered as part of your scoring. A picture that reflects some essential qualities of the concept. You will take a picture of something in your life that reflects this concept. You must take the image yourself. The photos should get at some fundamental quality of the concept. The photos must be appropriate for a college class, that is, no offensive material (your paper receive zero points in this case). Creativity and innovative thinking will be rewarded. An analysis that discusses the ways the photo reflects the concept. Will be looking to discern the extent to which you are able to connect the sociological concept to current/everyday social life. What is your photo/image showing that specifically displays the concept? Did you capture all of the dimensions of your concept? Is it clear that the photograph/image that you chose is appropriate to the concept? These are all very important here. This section should be 3 paragraphs (15 sentences) maximum. This document should be laid out as follows: At the top left of the document include your name and your TAs name and section number. Under that include the photograph, which should take up about half of the page. Underneath that photo, include a three-sentence maximum description of the photo. What is happening in the image? Explain to your TA the who, what, when, and where of the photo (if you have an image of an object, you can skip the who). Underneath the picture description, include your two-paragraph summary of the concept. Again, be sure to include any necessary in-text citations. After the summary, include your analysis of the photo. OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION Paper should use 12pt Times New Roman Font with 1” margins. Bibliography/references cited page not needed. These papers must be one complete document, not a separate written and image document. Grading Rubric Was the image appropriate and non-offensive? Was the image creative or innovative? Descriptive component: did the student concisely provide the “what” “where” and “when” component to the photo/image? Explanation section: How effective was the student in terms of explaining the concept to a naïve academic reader? A good section here is clear and thorough. Application section: did the student connect the concept chosen to the photo/image in a clear way? Was the connection explained in a way that makes sense and consistent 20 with the concept? Is the formatting correct with thorough editing for grammar? Citations?

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