Word count- 2,500 Title- “’What are the costs and consequences of domestic Viole

Word count- 2,500
Title- “’What are the costs and consequences of domestic Violence and for whom?’’
Completion date: 30th April
– – I am sending a breakdown of the reading list- the module is Gender and Violence-
Referencing needs to be Harvard referencing, bibliography and title is excluded from the word count.
When referencing articles within the text please use format (surename, year: page number).
— I am sending a brief plan with my lecturer’s feedback so if you could work accordingly.
The essay should be broken into 5 sections: intro, section 1, section 2, section 3, and conclusion
— The Introduction must include a thesis- what the essay will discuss, breaking down the costs and consequences of domestic violence. It must also include a definition of domestic violence, in my research I have used Home office 2013-
section 1: who is most likely to encounter domestic violence, i.e, women are more likely than men to be victims, include statistics, link to gendered symmetry argument, how this is a gendered issues as women are more likely than men to be victims yet women are more likely to be arrested to for Domestic violence.
section 2-
should discuss- the costs of domestic violence- social and economic costs.
section 3-
– the consequences of domestic violence- i.e depression, higher suicide rates, higher self harm rates, the long- term and short term effects, how this will affect the children
– should give the overall argument, reiterating what we have discussed linking back to the question and our thesis.
Reading list-
– Hester, M. (2013) ‘Who does what to whom? Gender and domestic violence perpetrators in English police records’, European Journal of Criminology, 10(5): 623- 637.
– Humphreys, C. and Thiara, R. (2003) ‘I call it symptoms of abuse’: mental health and domestic violence’, British Journal of Social Work, 33: 209-226.
Thomas, A. (2019) ‘Resistance, rebellion, resilience and recovery’, in J. Watson (ed) Drop the disorder: Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, Monmouth: PCCS Books Ltd., pp.110-119.

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